This API will return the caseobject

Fields returned are


ID passed in query string

Usage: /Case?ID=xx
Same as the parent

Multiple IDs passed in query string

Usage: /Case?ID=xx,yy
Returns a list of response objects (like parent)

POST with the data containing a comma separated list of IDs

e.g.. curl --data "ID=xx,yy" -X POST ""
Returns a list of response objects (like parent)

Cases for a product

Usage: /Case?Serial=xx
This method will return a list of casesfor this product.
Optional Parameter Type=tt where tt can be Call, Request, Order or Incident. Default is everything
Optional Parameter Updated=dd where dd is a ISO date for the earliest updated case for this product. Default is updated in past 30 days
Optional Parameter Status=ss where ss is Open or Closed. Default is Open
The fields for each case are

Create a case

Usage: POST /Case
POST Data (must be a JSON structure) Response
The case creation is an asynchronous request. The response to the POST will just be a HTTP 200 message. When the case is created, the user (identified by the EMail) will be sent an email with the case ID and summary