eSupport WebAPI


The eSupport WebAPIs expose the core functionality for support (both product support as well as user support) to external and internal applications. These APIs are available as RESTful services and implement both role based authentication, authorization and throttling of requests


Current version of the API is v2.5. All requests will have the URL prefixed by '/v2.5'
The production endpoint is and in the test environment, it is and the development version is
All APIs need to be called with a ClientID (assigned) in the header that is generated by eService team and provided to the client application. The request Authorization header is 'ClientID: {ClientToken}'. Calling the API without the header value will return a 401 – Authorization required message. An invalid ClientID will also return a 401 error.
The APIs are also protected by authorization roles. The following roles are defined in the system (additional roles can be added in the database by the administrator

API List

The following WebAPIs are available


All WebAPIs respect standard HTTP headers including Many WebAPIs also behave differently based on the country of the request. Usually country is derived from the IP address of the caller, however this can be overridden by passing a special header X-Country in the request This is non standard HTTP header, might change it later


Client token is generated when a WebAPI user is created using the admin console. Searching for the user shows the ClientToken


ClientToken can be test generated using eSupport.Common.SimpleCrypto.Sign(AssignedName)